in a nutshell

A visual storyteller with a flair for organic content marketing strategies that help cultivate a memorable brand for your audience to love and connect with.

a diary entry from a multipotential entrepreneur

I will forever love this quote:

“There is no statute of limitations on starting over. Reinvent yourself every day. Be the girl who walks barefoot and listens to the blues. Tomorrow, wear a trench coat and speak fierce truths. Be a phoenix. Be ashes. Burn down. Resurrect. Let go of the idea that you must always be who you have always been”

This is me through and through. Marketing for me, is both Science and an art form. Every person deserves to have an unlimited pass for having as many phoenix moments in life as they see fit and I love how the power of intentional marketing taps into such moments; illuminating the world so that people and the brands that they truly align with, can find each other, no matter what life season it is.

this is where our meet cute comes in…

nearly a decade-long romance in the making

My love for celebrating life knows no bounds, and after almost a decade in digital marketing, I am convinced that purposeful content creation is the catalyst that will connect your wedding business with your perfect match.

Now I’m a sucker for romance and when it comes to how I operate as a Pinterest Manager, it’s no different. I do soul-led work to get to know your heart and your vision for your wedding business. My mission is to help you get found by the people who need you the most, whether it’s client lead generation or broadening brand awareness to pave the way for more of your dream couples to discover and connect with you; nothing is impossible when you show up authentically and provide value delivered straight from the heart.

The reality is that it gets more challenging to scale as a business if you do everything on your own. Being a business owner isn’t always a smooth ride, and it’s hella uncomfortable at times too but it’s when the discomfort kicks in that the universe is telling you that you’re on to something REAL good. That’s when you’re truly growing and stepping into who you’re supposed to be.

This is where I come in. Let me bring my wealth of knowledge to the forefront and aid you in designing a wedding business that exudes love in every aspect. Together, we can create a world where love is the reigning force and your business thrives like never before.




My favourite paradise on Earth. Fresh ahi poke bowls, pristine sandy beaches and stunning palm tree silhouette against the most beautiful purple-pink sky; my happy place.



I am a huge fan of the self-love club over here and I believe that every one of us is worthy to take up all the space we want in this lifetime. Fave podcast of all time is the Mel Robbins podcast. Thank me later, hehe.



The word ‘dog’ is God spelt backwards and my Shih Tzu is truly my little piece of heaven in this lifetime. This smol boy also happens to be the co-founder of my business, so you’ll be seeing him a lot on here.

Think we’d be a good match?