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How To Use Pinterest For Your Wedding Business

Understanding how to use Pinterest for business growth can often feel trivial for some but spoiler alert: it’s way simpler than you can ever imagine. So grab a cuppa and get comfy because I’m about to let you in on all things Pinterest 101 for business success that both you and I know you truly deserve.

Is your wedding business’ dream audience actually on Pinterest?

Over 400 million people use Pinterest worldwide, every month. Let’s call these people ‘pinners’ from now on. Pinners scroll on Pinterest for their next idea (big or small), they browse through pins to help them gain inspiration for some of life’s most precious moments like birthdays, travels and weddings, all the way to their next purchases, like their dream sofa, their next plant baby or their next bullet journal to help them dream some more and manifest the pins of all of their favourite things in real life. So, chances are, if you have a story to tell, a service to offer or a life-optimising product to share, you’re bound to find a community of pinners on the platform who need you to make a mark in their lives, one way or another.

For extra context, here are some stats shared by Pinterest on the type of audience you can expect to find on the platform:

  • With over 400 million active monthly users globally, Pinterest would be bigger than the US (the third-largest country in the world)
  • Amongst Pinterest’s global audience, 60% are women
  • Male pinners are on the rise at a 40% increase year-on-year
  • Gen-Z pinners are also up by 40% year-on-year
  • 31% of millennials in the UK with a household income of over £100k are also on Pinterest

Your Pinterest audience will differ greatly from your social media followers due to one big fact: pinners are forward planners, making them deeply intentional in their ideas discovery journey on Pinterest, as opposed to the audience you’d often find on other social media platforms who tend to scroll without necessarily having a specific want or need in mind.

Now here’s another super interesting statistic for you: 97% of top Pinterest searches are unbranded. This means that pinners are very open-minded and are incredibly receptive to discovering new brands, service providers and content creators, one of which could be YOU.

How can you utilise Pinterest for business success?

Pinterest is an app for inspiration. It’s a place where people go for ideas and discover new ways to do life better and get more creative. Ultimately, it is a visual search engine, kinda like Google which at this time is the world’s largest search engine. Now that we’ve acknowledged the fact that your target audience is most likely using Pinterest already, it then becomes a no-brainer that your brand needs to be on there too. You have to make your mark on Pinterest because more often than not, your dream audience needs you and what you have to offer, but they just haven’t found you yet.
It is your responsibility to show up where your audience needs you most – one pin at a time. The purpose of Pinterest for businesses is to passively supercharge brand discovery so that your business is always showing up for your dream audience, even while you’re snoozing away at night or on vacation with your family.

The way Pinterest works couldn’t be simpler and here’s a little walkthrough to show you how:

  • Let’s say you’re a wedding planner looking to attract your next dream clients on Pinterest
  • You start by creating content (in the form of pins) that will inspire and educate your target clients – newly engaged couples in this instance, on topics that you know are of interest to them
  • Meanwhile, you have your target client on the other side of the screen, perhaps looking for inspiration on Pinterest, for their upcoming rustic wedding, so their search on Pinterest would look something like this:
  • Provided that you have optimised your pins with the relevant keywords, Pinterest would then help your content get served directly to your target client’s Pinterest search results
  • Target client find your pins on ‘outdoor rustic wedding ideas’, gets instantly drawn to your value-packed pin on the topic, and clicks through to your website to learn more about your wedding planning services
  • With the help of further nurturing on your website and other marketing channels, you’ve just converted a passer-by pinner into your next dream client

And that’s pretty much it. In a nutshell, your beautifully designed and value-packed pins draw in your target pinners, pinners click through to your pins and land on either your business’ website, freebie, other social media channels and/or email newsletter sign-up page where you can then further nurture them into becoming your next client.

Finding the best way to use Pinterest for your wedding business takes a lot of experimentation but knowing how Pinterest fundamentally works for businesses like yours will make the process so much simpler. The goal is to help your target audience discover you and your brand. Remember pinners are intentional scrollers looking to be inspired or informed on a topic they need help with.

Pinterest users are future planners, even more so for those Pinterest users who have just got engaged. In the excitement of it all, it’s usually expected for engaged couples to research everything wedding-related that they possibly can under the Sun in the lead-up to their big day, and understandably so! Meeting your couples right at this point on a visual search engine such as Pinterest will put you well ahead of your competitors.

So start today, and before you know it, you’re already reaching your soulmate couples, at the right place and at the right time on autopilot. Also, did I mention that creating a Pinterest business account is free?

What a dream right?

And what’s great is that it doesn’t have to all just be a dream, this reality is literally at your fingertips so why not start now?

I hope this has helped you feel a little more cosied up with Pinterest and if you’d love to learn more, let’s get connected on my TikTok and Instagram for weekly Pinterest tips and behind the scenes!

Acts of service are my love language and if you’re finding yourself feeling ready to opt-in for a 1:1 level of support as you make your way through your business’ Pinterest journey, I’m your gal.

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